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Hi, my name is Buck and this in my friend Gil.  My mom used to say to me all the time, "Be Understanding, Confident and Kind"... I guess that's why everyone always called me Buck.


Gil's full name is branded on the bottom of his foot, it is the craziest thing! When he lifts his hoof up to get it cleaned out, there it is... "Good Is Life!"


Gil and I will be posting pictures and stories of our adventures that we hope you will all  enjoy.  Our goal is to entertain you and offer a feeling of happiness and well being.  Gil was born in Maui, Hawaii, so that is one reason we want to share the Aloha State of Mind.


Stay tuned as we begin our journey together and with our partner, Susan. She loves to travel to all sorts of great places, particularly places where horse events are being held.




The Wound That Will Not Heal!

By Susan Aagghhhh! Somebody Scream….. Last week I told you I would continue the saga of Bonus’ tiny injury that would not heal. Well, this picture was taken yesterday. I looked down and could not believe what I saw, it had popped open again and was bleeding. 6 months after initial injury, still not healed So, I had to change the title to The Wound That Will Not Heal! This injury occurred July 19, 2012, just over 6 months ago. It seemed to be healing up just fine. I had finished the 10 days of antibiotics, kept it wrapped for about another week after that, and it looked great. Then, it would scab over the tiny spot. What started out about the size of a nickel was now about the size of my i

Morning and Evening Walkabout

By Susan Acree Do you do the morning and evening ritual I call the walkabout? My walkabout is basically taking a few minutes each morning and evening to take a good look at each of my horses to make sure all is well. Are their eyes and noses clear? Is there any sign of lameness? Are there any visible injuries? I take extra time to assess their hooves and legs, as these are more usually in harms way. Until last July, I didn’t make it an absolute must of my routine. Well, I definitely do now! I was checking on my horses, Baile and Bonus, one last time before we headed out of town to celebrate my oldest son’s 30th birthday. I gave them each a little treat and a pat on the neck, made sure al

Sorry I’ve Been Out of Touch

By Susan Hey there friends, I just wanted to apologize for my 6 month absence from my Blog. My husband had a spectacular yet catastrophic accident on a longboard on Father’s Day that left him with a shattered elbow. After 4 hours of painstaking surgery, a titanium plate and 20-30 screws he was put back together. All put back together surgery xray of elbow Needless to say, I was left to take care of our little 6 acre farm. I love where we live and being able to have my horses practically in the backyard. Before his accident, I kind of thought I did a lot of the work and maintenance on the place myself. After all, they are my horses, and he works 50-60 hours a week, so I shoul

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