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Guy McLean sends heartfelt poem to Dan James

By Susan

After hearing of the untimely death of Dan James’ mustang, Punk, Guy McLean sent Dan this poem. All of us that have lost a horse, feel it’s power and love.

Personally, I wrote a book, The Horses I’ve Loved, A Memoir, to help heal my broken heart. I’ve sent a copy to Dan in hopes that he will find some peace and comfort.

Guy sent this to Dan:

I share this poem today in honor of a great Aussie mate of mine who had to say ‘Goodbye’ to one of his beloved horses, way before their time.

My heart aches for your loss mate.

Thank you and Farewell

My lifetime spent with horses Has been wonderful and grand To share this world we live in With the owners of the land

And of all their gifts and properties All their values, how they range There is but just one thing about them That I wish that I could change

And that is just how long they live Too short their blessed lives How they come and go whilst we live on For years our tears to dry

We watch them growing daily From foal to yearling, running wild With the joy and pure exuberance Of the happiest of child

We earn their trust and honest try From hours of well spent time Sharing miles and trials and triumphs Making reason, making rhyme…

Of this crazy world we live in Where as predator and prey We forgo the expectations Of a life that’s lived that way

And we work to something special Where two hearts may join as one Where a silent language speaks out loud And dares to blind the sun

Our differences are pushed aside Our lives are joined, entwined A thought, enough to bring a change Of actions ruled by mind

We try to never let the thoughts Of goodbye, enter conversation But as months turn into years It is true that it’s your station…

To enter back from where you came Committed to the land Before you came into our world And held the heart of man

Some of you, will pass away at night Peaceful, calm and free And some will need the caring touch From a heart that longs for thee

For it is our caring duty To ensure the lack of pain To end quickly any suffering That years of life lived strain…

May have brought to body, heart and mind It’s the least that we can do To thank you for the love you shared For all you lived this life to do

Please know now that your memory Will live on through the years And I promise to cry only The happiest of tears

To see the sunset and the windswept grass As your soft and murmured calling Hear your galloping hooves in the thunderstorm See your grace in the leaves a falling

I will glance towards the heavens And picture you at rest Near your Favorite tree down by the water Where you always liked it best

My heart is aching from this task That today I must perform But I do it in respect for you For all you gave out of the norm

There are still so many things That I wish that I could say How I’m dearly going to miss you How I wish that you could stay

Your time on earth, so precious Has now come to an end And today I make this promise To you my prized and treasured friend..

To honor you in times to come In the way I’ll treat all others All the horses that I’ll come to know All your sisters and your brothers

Your life was lived with honesty Respect, humility and love And I’ll remember this forever Whilst the the sun still shines above

And in my last and final words to you With tear filled eyes, these words to tell I never will forget my dearest friend Thank you and Farewell.

Written by Guy McLean August 2013

For all of the wonderful horses who daily share their lives with us and require us to show true love and respect when it’s needed most. We honor you.

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