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Hi, my name is Buck and this in my friend Gil.  My mom used to say to me all the time, "Be Understanding, Confident and Kind"... I guess that's why everyone always called me Buck.


Gil's full name is branded on the bottom of his foot, it is the craziest thing! When he lifts his hoof up to get it cleaned out, there it is... "Good Is Life!"


Gil and I will be posting pictures and stories of our adventures that we hope you will all  enjoy.  Our goal is to entertain you and offer a feeling of happiness and well being.  Gil was born in Maui, Hawaii, so that is one reason we want to share the Aloha State of Mind.


Stay tuned as we begin our journey together and with our partner, Susan. She loves to travel to all sorts of great places, particularly places where horse events are being held.




The Thoroughbred and The Psychic

By Susan Acree I was recently told a story that actually gave me chills. This is an amazing story! Because of some health issues I was having, my daughter, an equine veterinarian and acupuncturist, encouraged me to see an acupuncturist. I had some friends that had told me about a young man in our town that was phenomenal and was highly regarded and recommended in our community. During my first session, as he was letting me relax after the first few needles were set, we were talking about horses and he told me this story. He had a friend who was a horse chiropractor and also very active in the rodeo circuit. She had a friend who was an equine veterinarian that specialized in dental care fo

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