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Gil Gets Adopted!

After getting adopted by the Acree Family, I got to try a whole bunch of fun activities before I move to the mainland to live with them in Idaho. They told me I will meet my new friend, Buck when I get to my new home.

First, I got to go to the beach and try my luck on the boogie board, then I just laid out in the sun for a while before I took a quick hike on the huge rocks by the beach. When I got back from my hike, I helped a little boy build a sand castle.

The day after going to the beach, I got to ride a horse for the first, but not last time. My new mom has horses so I'll get to ride a lot in Idaho. After the fun trail ride, we stopped at a local brew house for a refreshing beverage.

The next day, I went out on a whale watching catamaran. My mom got seasick, so I stayed close to dad while we looked for the spout sprays of the whales. It was really fun, but I was a little queasy too.

Then it was time to leave my beloved Maui to begin my new life on the mainland. The airplane ride was amazing! Mom and Dad even let me have the window seat so I could look out. I can't wait to get to my new home and meet Buck. I'm sure we're going to have many grand adventures together!

Until next tiime,



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