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A bit about my writing journey

How I Started...

Race and Susan

June, 2006

Bonus and Susan

April, 2013

I never thought of myself as a writer, in fact, I've always shied away from writing tasks.  But, after the sudden death of my beloved horse, Race, I couldn't seem to get my emotions, and thus my life, back on track.

I dreamt of Race, I wept in my sleep, and I woke up drained every morning, thinking only of my loss.  Slowly, my dreams, day and night, started to take on a different light.  I started to remember the stories of my childhood.  A childhood with other special, rather than continue to wallow in self pity, I stopped just thinking about those stories, and started writing them.  

As I wrote, I healed.  I called old friends to clarify some memories and that seemed to help too.  The words just started to tumble out of me, one story led to another and one memory dominoed into several.

The Road to Publishing...

Eventually, I got back into the swing of life.  I found a new horse partner and life went on.  My book was not finished, but the writing I'd done, up to that point, had done it's job and I mended emotionally. 

However, the idea of actually finishing it and getting published kept nagging at me.  I would sit down every once in a while to write, but just couldn't seem to.

Months without writing turned into years. It was now 2013, and what I started in 2007 was begging to be finished.  I decided to take a class on publishing on Kindle from the local university.  I figured I would have to have a book to publish, so I would have to get mine done!

Well, my strategy worked and I was finally motivated to finish.  As I worked on the class assignments, I also took time to sit down and just write. If I wasn't at a computer, I would write in a notebook or on a napkin or scrap of paper.  Finally, the words were tumbling again!

I made an outline of my book for the class, and that exercise turned out to be a huge stepping stone which allowed me to organize my scattered thoughts and stories.  As I moved from one time period in my life to the next, I realized what the road block had been...some of the stories I had left to tell were going to be painful to remember.

It was one of those light bulb moments.  What I had been passing off as just laziness and lack of try on my part, was really my subconscious mind protecting me.  Even after this revelation, I soldiered on, and I am so glad I did.  I love my book and hope it will give others the peace and clarity that I found as I wrote it.


The publishing process was not all that difficult, but it was very time consuming and I spent hours and hours, proof reading, formatting, previewing, ordering proof copies, finding errors and starting the process all over again.

It was time well spent,  I am now a published author with two books under my belt.

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