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Our Bonus Horse

The True Story of a Charming yet Challenging Off Track Thoroughbred Who Healed Two Hearts

by Susan Acree

After the loss of her beloved Quarter Horse gelding, Susan, as well as her sweet mare Baile, found comfort and healing from an unlikely therapist.

He came to them in the extraordinary form of a tall, lanky, bright-eyed, dark chestnut thoroughbred named White's Bonus Time, and he had more energy and personality than either of them knew what to do with.

Through his endless play, extreme challenges, and kind and loving spirit, he mended their broken hearts and showed them that they could, indeed, love again.

In this life, he is their Bonus Horse.

What readers are saying....

"What a character Bonus is, I would love to meet him!"

Acree is a clear, honest and engaging storyteller"

"I loved this book and highly recommend it!"

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Help The Retired Racehorse Project

A substantial portion of the proceeds from the sales of Our Bonus Horse will be donated to the Retired Racehorse Project

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