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Feeding my Horses this Morning…Take Two.

By Susan

Okay, this is a first for me. Going out to feed the horses and forgetting to feed the horses! What is wrong with me?

My morning started out as any other Monday. I got up about 7:00, had coffee with my husband and saw him off to work. I usually then, bundle up with coveralls over my pjs, scarf, hat, down vest and work gloves. My dogs, Twix and Annie, excitedly wait for me to say “Let’s go feed the horses, girls!” and we head to the barn.

I get to the barn, roll up the heavy overhead door, greet Bonus and Baile and have my greeting returned with anxious nickers. I open the tack and feed room door, scoop Baile’s pellets and Bonus’ pellets plus supplements into their respective containers. They each are in their own stall on opposite sides of the barn aisle. I dump the pellets into their corner feeders, clean each stall, then they each get a big flake of alfalfa/grass hay. I don’t lock my horses in their stalls, they have complete free choice whether to come in to the stalls or stay out in either the adjacent corrals or adjoining pastures.

I do feed them inside so that the feed stays dry and doesn’t get wasted on the ground. In nice weather, they both do their business outside in the pastures and corrals, however, if it is raining, they will tuck themselves inside the barn and poop in the stall once in a while. So, in the winter and spring, scooping and sweeping out the stalls is a twice daily chore.

This morning, after pouring the pellets, sweeping the stalls, and giving them each a rub to loosen the mud on their furry coats, I say “Have a good morning, enjoy your breakfast,” and out of the barn I go. I meander past the garden, pull a few dried up weeds from the soft mud, and ponder whether to go for my daily 2 mile walk. It starts to sprinkle a bit of rain so I decide to wait on the walk.

Then, after just barely getting back to the house, taking off the layers of winter wear and starting to check my email, I see Bonus walking up the pasture by the back yard. I think “Wow, he wasn’t very hungry,” then it dawns on me that I forgot to give him his hay.

What the heck is wrong with me? I blame it on the weather. Warm enough to give me spring fever and distract me with thoughts of riding and yardwork, but still winter enough to not really be able to enjoy it fully.

Or, if not the weather, I guess I’m just getting old and forgetful So, back to the barn, re-bundled up, to feed my sweet and patient ponies.

Hope you all have a wonderful and productive week,



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