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Hi, my name is Buck and this in my friend Gil.  My mom used to say to me all the time, "Be Understanding, Confident and Kind"... I guess that's why everyone always called me Buck.


Gil's full name is branded on the bottom of his foot, it is the craziest thing! When he lifts his hoof up to get it cleaned out, there it is... "Good Is Life!"


Gil and I will be posting pictures and stories of our adventures that we hope you will all  enjoy.  Our goal is to entertain you and offer a feeling of happiness and well being.  Gil was born in Maui, Hawaii, so that is one reason we want to share the Aloha State of Mind.


Stay tuned as we begin our journey together and with our partner, Susan. She loves to travel to all sorts of great places, particularly places where horse events are being held.




War Horse, The Play

By Susan Acree If any of you follow my Page on Facebook, you know how I felt about War Horse the Movie…Absolutely HATED it! First of all I hate war movies. War is a reality that I don’t want to see on the big screen and call it entertainment, even it is a “good” story. Add to the war part, horses being cut down by Gatling guns, tangled and sliced up by barbed wire, run down by tanks and worked to exhaustion and death…No thank you. I had no intention of going to the movie, but my good friend asked “Are you ready to see War Horse”? My first response was ”No, I don’t think I want to see War Horse”, but she insisted that she had heard it was great and we should go. My husband even said he w

Bonus Loves the Water!

By Susan Bonus in the Pond My friend Shawn, from Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch, posted this tidbit of information this morning and it was very timely since I was writing my blog about Bonus’ love of playing in the water. “Did you know a bored horse may pass the time by blowing bubbles in his bucket or flipping his nose on the surface of the trough, splashing anyone who happens by. In summer, horses with access to natural bodies of water make the most of it, pawing, rolling and wallowing in shallow spots, enjoying the cool water and the respite from insects. More adventurous horses will actually swim through deeper bodies of water. All horses are natural swimmers when rider-less; they simply

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