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Beautiful Thoroughbred Farms of Kentucky

By Susan Acree

Our first day in Kentucky was wonderful! We started the morning with a beautiful drive to Louisville to tour Churchill Downs.

Our tour guide, Barry was so fun. He told stories of his favorite Kentucky Derbys and funny memories of sneaking in as a teenager to watch the races.

One year he came in for the Derby through a hole in the fence, watched a few races and then decided to head home to watch the Derby on TV because the crowd was so huge he couldn’t see the track.

It was the 1973 Derby, the year Secretariat won. He said he still regrets that he missed seeing that historical race live.

He sent us back to Lexington on the Kentucky Scenic Byway. It took us past many beautiful thoroughbred farms with miles and miles of elegant four rail fences.

We had an absolutely perfect first day in Kentucky and we are looking forward to three more just like it!

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