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The Wound That Will Not Heal!

By Susan

Aagghhhh! Somebody Scream…..

Last week I told you I would continue the saga of Bonus’ tiny injury that would not heal.

Well, this picture was taken yesterday. I looked down and could not believe what I saw, it had popped open again and was bleeding.

January2013 from phone 043.jpg

6 months after initial injury, still not healed

So, I had to change the title to The Wound That Will Not Heal!

This injury occurred July 19, 2012, just over 6 months ago.

It seemed to be healing up just fine. I had finished the 10 days of antibiotics, kept it wrapped for about another week after that, and it looked great.

Then, it would scab over the tiny spot. What started out about the size of a nickel was now about the size of my index fingernail.

About every 2 weeks from August to September, I would find that the scab had been scraped off and it was bloody again.

I again called Jennifer, my horse veterinarian daughter,and let her know that it just was not completing its healing process. We thought that maybe because of the location of the injury, that he was scraping it every time he rolled. As I have told you before, he is a champion roller.

She advised me to go back to keeping it wrapped. So I did and it seemed to finally be able to mend under the wrap. I was a little concerned that it was not healthy for the rest of his ankle to always be wrapped.

I had Bonus’ shoes removed for the winter in October. My farrier thought the sore would benefit from some air.

I decided to leave the wrap off for a little while. Well, it only took one good roll and off came the scab again!

Back to protecting it. You wouldn’t think a simple roll in the dirt would be so destructive!

I kept it wrapped until winter hit full force with snow and ice. Bonus grew his long white feathery winter hair on that leg. It is the only white he has and it seems to be thicker and longer than the rest of his chestnut coat. I hoped this would be a benefit.

Last week I could still feel the tiny scab but hoped it was just scar tissue at this point.

I hadn’t noticed any bleeding since December, yea! Then yesterday, the sun was shining, we had a new six inches of fluffy snow, so I let Bonus and Baile into the big pasture together to run and play and….wait for it….roll.

After I took my dogs on a mile jaunt around the river path, I stopped to give the horses some loves. As I was talking to Bonus (C’mon, you know you all talk to your critters too) I glanced down at his leg and could not believe that the tiny speck of a scar/scab was bleeding again.

I applied a dab of quadritop per Jennifer’s instructions. We decided that I can’t really keep it wrapped with all the snow. I think that would cause more harm than good at this point. So I’ll continue with the medication and we’ll see what the next couple of weeks brings.

Hopefully, the next picture you see of Bonus’ pretty white sock will be injury free.



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