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Sorry I’ve Been Out of Touch

By Susan

Hey there friends,

I just wanted to apologize for my 6 month absence from my Blog.

My husband had a spectacular yet catastrophic accident on a longboard on Father’s Day that left him with a shattered elbow. After 4 hours of painstaking surgery, a titanium plate and 20-30 screws he was put back together.

January2013 from phone 005.jpg

All put back together surgery xray of elbow

Needless to say, I was left to take care of our little 6 acre farm. I love where we live and being able to have my horses practically in the backyard. Before his accident, I kind of thought I did a lot of the work and maintenance on the place myself. After all, they are my horses, and he works 50-60 hours a week, so I should take the majority of their care.

But let me tell you, moving sprinkler pipe, getting the pump down at the river primed and running, mowing, weed eating, keeping the garden weeded and irrigated, harrowing the arena, planting trees and then setting up the watering system for those trees was all a little more time consuming and exhausting than I ever imagined it would be without his help. Not to mention getting hay (I actually had it delivered and stacked in the barn, best extra $60 I’ve ever spent

Obviously, in a subtle, quiet way, he has always made everything seem easier than it really is.

So, the summer was a bust as far as me getting out weekly blogs.

After meeting the insurance out-of-pocket maximum for the year, it seemed like a good idea for my husband to get a new knee. He had been putting off knee replacement surgery for at least 10 years. Just doing less and less of the active things he loved to compensate for the constant pain.

On November 29, he got his new knee! It has been about 8 weeks since the surgery, he is finished with physical theray and back to work. He is working out and exercising that knee every day.

So, our lives are back to “normal enough” for me to get back at it.

The winter has been horrible so far. Two months of single digit and below zero temperatures, lots of snow and wind. Other than my twice daily treks to the barn, I haven’t had much need or desire to be outside. I may as well write!

I hope you find some of the topics I write about interesting and helpful. I always love to read your comments and feedback.



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