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Dog Meets Girl at Bus Stop on Valentine’s Day

By Susan

This isn’t my usual horsey story, but it was so heartwarming I just had to tell it.

I was driving down a busy road after stopping in to see how my new saddle is coming along at the saddle maker’s shop. (more on this exciting event later:)

A school bus was stopped to let students off. I was coming from the opposite direction, so I could see the front of the bus as I waited.

The bus door was open and an adorable brown lab was standing with his front paws on the step. His tail was wagging so hard, he shook from his elbows back, so cute.

When “his girl” stepped off the bus, he was so elated, he could not stop wiggling. He jumped up and down and all around her, wagging every step.

I was a little worried when I first saw him that he might get hit on the busy road, but he was so focused on the girl, he was never more than a foot away from her.

It just warmed my heart, as they walked down her driveway, well she walked he floated with happiness, I drove on after the bus stop sign folded in. I was smiling like a goof, but it just made me happy.

Hope y’all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, I know I will. Life is Good.



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